What are the rules for a landlord when issuing Form 6a to tenants?

It is not as simple as you may think as there are strict tenancy rules before a landlord is permitted to issue a Form 6a. If these requirements are not followed, then issuing Form 6a may not be possible. The landlord is required to provide on or before the tenancy begins the following documents:

The landlord also needs to show that provision has been made for protecting any deposit taken from the tenant and hand out the section 213 statutory information. The landlord must also include the chosen scheme’s fact booklet within 30 days of the deposit being received. This statutory notice must indicate clearly when any part of the deposit may not be returned, such as when there has been property damage or rent arrears.

It is extremely important that the landlord at the beginning of the tenancy not only includes all the required documents but also provides a form that the tenant has signed, agreeing that the required documents have been provided. At times, tenants may use the excuse that they cannot be evicted because the correct documentation was not provided at the start of the tenancy. If this happens, it will be hard to evict a tenant using Form 6a.

Another important piece of information about Form 6a is that it cannot be issued to tenants during the first four months of a tenancy.