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Eviction Notice Checklist

Step 1: Review and Sign

If you find any issues with your eviction notice, you can easily make changes on LegalNature's website, then simply print, sign and proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Serve the Tenant

The tenant must be properly served. This could mean personal delivery to the tenant or sending the notice via registered first-class mail. It may be advisable to use multiple service delivery methods to ensure that the notice is received.

Step 3: Follow Up

It is advisable to follow up with the tenants. This allows both the tenants and landlord to understand what is required during the process. Remember, the landlord cannot access the property while the tenants are still in possession of the property. In the event that the tenants do not leave the property, the landlord must seek a court order to re-enter the property.

Step 4: Return Any Remaining Security Deposit Funds

In the event that deposit money is owed to the tenants, return the deposit money through the applicable tenant deposit scheme. It is advisable to provide the tenants with an itemised receipt for deductions.

Step 5: Review the Lease

Lastly, it is important for landlords to have an in-depth understanding of all their obligations under the lease and housing laws. At this stage, the landlord should resolve any other outstanding issues or loose ends.