Living Will for England

I, _____________, of _____________, _____________, _____________ born on _____________, declare as follows:

a. I have the capacity to make the decisions set out in this document. If in the future I lose the capacity to make or communicate decisions about my medical treatment, let it be known that this Advance Directive has been made by me entirely without influence from any other person, whether they might stand to gain from my death or otherwise.

b. My National Health Service Number is _____________.

c. In the event that I am unconscious or unable to confirm my identity, I have the following distinguishing features: _____________

  1. Refusal of Treatment
      In the event that any or all of the following occur in the opinion of two appropriately qualified doctors, I refuse all medical treatment, procedure or intervention aimed at prolonging or artificially sustaining my life:
    2. Any medical treatment should be confined to the relief of any distressing symptoms (including any caused by lack of food or fluid) and to keeping me comfortable and free from pain, even if such treatment may have the incidental effect of shortening my life.
    3. If I am suffering from any of the above said conditions and I am pregnant, then I wish to receive medical treatment or procedure leading to the safe delivery of my child. Once my child is safely delivered, I wish to reinstate my wishes as set out in the rest of this document.
  2. No Liability on Medical Attendants
    1. I absolve my medical attendants from any civil liability as a result of their actions or omissions in response to and in terms of this declaration.
  3. Discussion With General Practitioner
    1. I have discussed this declaration with the following general practitioner:

  4. Revocable Declaration
    1. This declaration is revocable by me at any time, before a witness, in writing or orally, but otherwise it should be taken to represent my continuing directions.

      Reviewed on: ____________ Signed: ________________________
      Reviewed on: ____________ Signed: ________________________
      Reviewed on: ____________ Signed: ________________________
      Reviewed on: ____________ Signed: ________________________
  5. Copies of this Advance Directive
    1. I have deposited copies of this Advance Directive with:

      Name: _____________
      Relationship: _____________
      Address: _____________, _____________, _____________
      Phone: _____________
  6. Declaration and Signature
    1. Everything contained in the Advance Directive is true and correct at the time of writing.

Signed: _______________________ Date: ______________

Print: _______________________


I witness that this Advance Directive was signed or acknowledged in my presence.

Signed: _______________________ Date: ______________

Print: _______________________

Instructions for Your Living Will

This living will allows the Principal to specify his or her directions regarding future medical treatment in the event that the Principal becomes incapacitated or otherwise incapable of expressing his or her wishes. It also allows the Principal to clarify his or her preferences regarding appropriate treatment and to nominate specific persons that the Principal trusts to give further clarity as to his or her desires when the Principal becomes incapacitated. In order to sign this document, the Principal must have mental capacity.

The living will is broken into two parts. The first part is the advance decision (or advance directive in Scotland), which declares what treatments and under what circumstances the Principal chooses to refuse medical intervention. In this section, you can only state what treatments are refused; you cannot request any specific treatments or medications. The second part is what is known as an "advance statement". Although there is nothing legally binding within the advance statement, it allows medical practitioners and the courts to understand the users wishes and beliefs to a greater extent.

Preparation of this Living Will

It is important to complete this document as clearly and succinctly as possible, especially in regards to the refusal of medical treatment. The Principal must be clear as to the specific treatments and medications he or she is refusing and under what circumstances they are rejected. Even though not compulsory, it is recommended that the Principal discuss this document with a medical health worker or general practitioner at a minimum, and also with a friend or family member if possible. In order to execute this document, the Principal should sign it in front of a witness, who will also need to sign. The witness preferably should not be an immediate family member and should in no way benefit from the Principal's death. For example, the witness should not be a beneficiary of the Principal's will or a co-owner of property.

Post Completion of Living Will

After the document has been completed and fully executed, copies should be deposited with medical professionals, friends or family in the event that the document is ever needed. Also, since the document deals with incredibly vital matters, the Principal should review it regularly, signing where indicated, to ensure that the document is still accurately represents his or her wishes.

Important Note on Scotland

Unlike England and Wales, advance directives in Scotland do not have any statutory footing and therefore are not technically considered legally binding documents. However, due to the principles set out in the Adults with Incapacity (Scotland) Act 2000, any adult who no longer has physical or mental capacity to express their wishes should have his or her prior-stated wishes taken into consideration when deciding medical treatment. Therefore, this document will help clarify the Principal's medical wishes for the treating medical professionals and the courts.

Please note that the language you see here changes depending on your answers to the document questionnaire.

Advance Decision to Refuse Treatment

A living will is used to make a person's wishes known about what type of medical care that person wants to receive should he or she become terminally ill or permanently unconscious. This allows you to clarify all medical wishes and instructions upfront so that no misunderstandings occur when it is too late.

LegalNature provides step-by-step guidance, making it easy to specify the circumstances under which the person wants to receive life-sustaining treatments as well as any limitations on those treatments. The form includes an optional medical power of attorney so that the user can appoint a healthcare agent to make healthcare decisions for the person according to the instructions listed. It can even be used to specify funeral and burial instructions.

Save time and money by cutting out the need for a solicitor. With LegalNature’s online form builder you can easily tailor your living will to your specific needs. LegalNature can help you get started drafting and downloading your living will in just a few simple steps to get protected today.

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