Notice of Tenant Deposit for England


Section 213(5) of the Housing Act 2004

In accordance with Statutory Instrument 2007 No.797,

The Housing (Tenancy Deposits) (Prescribed Information) Order 2007

To: ("Tenant")

From: _____________ ("Landlord")

  1. Tenancy Details

    On _____________ the sum of (the "Deposit") was paid in respect to the tenancy of:

    (the "Tenancy")

    The terms of the Tenancy are set out in a Tenancy Agreement dated _____________ (the "Tenancy Agreement").
  2. Details of the Scheme Administrator of the Tenancy Deposit Scheme
  3. Contact Details

    Landlord: _____________
    Address: _____________
    Tel: _____________
    Email: _____________

    Tenant Name(s):
    Address: _____________
    Tel: _____________
    Email: _____________
  4. Deposit Return

    At the conclusion of the Tenancy the deposit will be returned to:

  5. Deductions

    Landlord reserves the right to make such deductions from the deposit as are reasonable should Landlord suffer due to Tenant's breach of any covenants found in the Tenancy Agreement.

    For further information see clause _____________ of the Tenancy Agreement.
  6. Further required Information

    Attached is a copy of the schemes terms and conditions which sets out the following prescribed information:
    1. Operation of the provisions contained in sections 212 to 215 of, and Schedule 10, to the Housing Act 2004.
    2. The Procedures that apply under the scheme by which an amount in respect of a deposit may be paid or repudiate the tenant at the end of the Tenancy.
    3. The procedures that apply under the scheme where either Landlord or Tenant is not contactable at the end of the Tenancy.
    4. The procedures that apply under the scheme where Landlord and Tenant dispute the amount to be paid or repaid to Tenant in respect of the deposit.
    5. The Facilities available under the scheme for enabling a dispute relating to the deposit to be resolved without recourse to litigation.
  7. Certificate

    I confirm that the information provided within this notice is accurate to the best of my knowledge and belief. Also, I have given Tenant the opportunity to sign this notice containing the required information.

Signed: ___________________________ Date: ________________

Print: _____________


Instructions for Your Notice of Tenant Deposit

The notice of tenant deposit form allows a Landlord or a Landlord's agent to fulfil their statutory obligation to notify a Tenant that his or her deposit has been protected within one of the four authorised protection schemes. With the introduction of tenant deposit legislation Landlords are required to not only protect the deposit but to also provide the Tenant all relevant details pertaining to the scheme within 30 days. Failure to do so can lead to harsh financial penalties and also the possibility of not being able to evict or serve notice upon a Tenant. Some schemes may, as a matter of course provide the relevant details to the Tenants. However, by using notice of tenant deposit the Landlord can be content with the fact that their obligations have been fulfilled.

Completing the Notice of Tenant Deposit

The notice of tenant deposit should be completed after the Landlord has chosen and protected the deposit with an appropriate scheme. Once the deposited has been protected and the relevant scheme has been chosen the Landlord should complete the form and sign in the appropriate place. In addition to providing a signed copy of the notice of tenant deposit to the Tenant, the Landlord will also need to print and attach a copy of the chosen scheme's terms and conditions. A link to the relevant scheme has been provided below. Together a copy of the notice of tenant deposit and printed copy of the scheme's terms and conditions should be delivered to the Tenant. It is highly advisable to use registered, signed-for first-class post in order to prove delivery.

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Notice of Tenant Deposit

Use a notice of tenant deposit to fulfil the landlord's statutory obligation to notify tenants that their deposits have been protected within one of the four government-authorised protection schemes. LegalNature's form provides step-by-step guidance to help ensure landlords act in accordance with statutory regulations.

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