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Plan Summary


Company Description






Financial Projections Overview

Our conservative estimates forecast average monthly expenses for year one at , while average monthly revenue over the same period is forecasted at . This puts our gross revenue projection at and our net at . By year three we project gross revenue to be and our net profit to reach . The break-even point is expected to occur _____________ from plan start, and a _____________% ROI is projected for the financing period.






Instructions for Your Business Plan

This business plan contains everything you need to create a thorough and professional plan. While you need not discuss all the topics we propose, being as detailed and comprehensive in your answers will help give those who read this document confidence in your business. When completing the form, try to balance your writing tone between sounding professional, knowledgeable, detailed and excited about your business.


Since this is not a legal contract, it is not necessary for you or those who read it to sign it. However, if you choose to include a confidentiality provision, then those who read it should sign where indicated on the last page. Since your business plan likely includes your proprietary business ideas, insights and techniques, it is usually recommended that you include the confidentiality provision. This will prohibit those who sign it from disclosing, copying, reproducing or distributing your confidential information. If multiple people will read it, you can print out multiple copies of the last page or simply have them sign, print and date under the signature space provided. Retain copies of the signed confidentiality provision for your records.


There are many potential documents you can attach to your business plan to make it more insightful for those who read it. At a minimum, you should include the three basic financial statements every business should have before launching a plan: an Income Statement (also known as a Profit and Loss Statement), a Balance Sheet and a Cash Flow Statement. If you do not have these already, or do not know exactly how to complete them, there are many helpful online tutorials that will simplify the process for you. The Income Statement is usually done as a forecast for the first 12 months of operation, but if your company is already operating, you could do it for the past 12 months. Likewise the Cash Flow Statement is usually done as a future projection. The Balance Sheet is normally completed as a projection for the company's assets, liabilities, and equity as of opening day. Some business people also opt to include a 3-Year Profit Projection and a Break-Even Analysis. Lastly, it may be a good idea to include the personal financial statements of the owners. Banks and investors often will want to see these since owners often have to invest or pledge their personal assets as equity or guarantees for the business.

Additionally, it is common for business people to include some or all of the following documents, if available: equipment and inventory lists, leases and other contracts, letters of support, resumes of management and key staff, organizational hierarchy chart, industry studies, market research, advertising materials, maps, photos and blueprints.

Please note that the language you see here changes depending on your answers to the document questionnaire.

Business Plan

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